Que cada amanhecer do seu dia,
Nasça uma flor...
Que cada sorriso teu,
Seja as pétalas que torna
essa flor mais completa.
Que cada pensamento positivo,
Seja o caule que a sustenta ...
Que cada passo pra vitória ,
Seja a terra que a alimenta ...
Que cada gesto teu,
Seja o sol que fornece energia,
E que o brilho dos teus olhos,
Seja a beleza e a simplicidade desta flor...
Que me embriaga com seu perfume
E me encanta com seu carisma...
Esta flor que desabrocha em seus pensamentos
E me transforma em você...
Uma flor que vai permanecer intacta,
Às mais diferentes épocas,
Aos mais inesperados destinos...
Uma flor que nunca vou permitir morrer!!!

"Saudade nada mais

é que a

prova de que o

passado valeu a pena".

sábado, 14 de maio de 2011


Method of making square 

cushions with Canadian smocking

Canadian smocking is not as complicated
  as it appears. Precession is very important.
Satin which is not too shiny is suitable for this. 
It can also  be done on any thick material. 
If it is done on thin materials 
embossed effect will not stay long.
Follow the following steps to 
stitch a cushion of your choice
Measure the size of the cushion.
Decide the size of the squares in the graph.
Select the design.
Calculate the material needed.
Press the material so 
that there no wrinkles.
Check whether the adjacent sides 
of the material  are perpendicular to one another .
If they are not correct them.
Fix the cloth on a table with sticky
tapes all around so that wrong side is on the top. 
Draw graph of squares of your choice.
Do not forget to leave borders all around.

 I bought 45 cm long and 4 cm wide 
plastic scales and got them 
cut along the length into 2 cm, 2.5cm , 
3 cm  and  3.5 cm wide pieces .
I feel 2 cm x 2 cm graph gives good finish.

Zigzag the edges or else the thread 
coming out of the edges hinders our work.
Smock the design  of your 
choice column by column.
There will be pleats all around the design. 
Arrange the pleats in an order 
according to 
the design.  here  I have shown 
you how 
pleats can be arranged for 
different designs 
Check the size of the 
smocked piece 
tack the pleats in place.  
This takes a little time.
Later on these stitches can be removed.

The lines in the graph also  help us 
while making pleats. 
I prefer giving lining to the smocked material.

This is front side of the cushion cover. 
Using matching cloth for the back stitch the cushion cover.

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